Scenario 1: You find out that you are pregnant, and you go through the emotions. You are excited, maybe surprised, scared but hopeful that everything will turn out good. Then, out of nowhere, a pandemic hits!!

Scenario 2: You are in quarantine, trying to figure life out like the rest of the world and then you start to feel something is different with your body. Just to make sure that it is not what you think it is, you pee on a stick (take a pregnancy test) and boom…You’re preggos!!!

Either way it goes, you are caught off guard, having to carry a pregnancy during a pandemic. This is something that you definitely did not plan for, and could not have planned for. A pregnancy cooped up inside.

Nope! I feel very confident saying, that it was not on anybody’s To-Do List.

The fear of catching the coronavirus is so strong, you just don’t want to risk doing anything outside essential activities. No hanging out with friends, No visits from family, and certainly trying to avoid the hospital at all cost. 

So in trying to prepare yourself for the experience, you turn to the internet. You watch videos, read articles, consume anything you can get your hands on.

At first, you are trying to see if you are alone in your feelings of … Panic, Confusion, Fear, Anxiety,…

You find reports from the news outlets…

The hospitals are closed to any and everyone because they need all hands on deck to fight covid-19 …

All nonessential procedures are cancelled until further notice…

No visitors allowed in the hospitals…

Your doctor is doing telemedicine or drive-thru medical care…


This is all a bit much. Ok, it’s tooooo much!

This is not how you imagined it…this is not the way things were suppose to go!

Then, you start looking for anything, signs, to help increase your hopefulness about this new reality because now you start wondering, what birth will look like for you and your little one. Will you have to deliver your tiny human alone? At home?

Hopefully it doesn’t come to that unless you had previously planned/ or always wanted a homebirth.

But…If you are like me, the hospital is your option A, B and C.

To help you with increasing your hopefulness and helping to set your expectations, below are some questions to discuss with your healthcare provider before the birth of your little one.

Questions To Discuss With Your Healthcare Provider

  • What will my doctor appointments look like now? Will it consist of telemedicine with in-person visits only for ultrasounds?
  • Who can come to my doctor appointments with me if I need assistance?
  • Will I have to be tested for Covid-19, if so how many times?
  • What happens if I test positive for Covid-19?
  • Will I have to wear a mask during labor?
  • Will my baby be tested for covid-19?
  • Will my little one and I be kept in the same room?
  • Will my hospital stay be affected by Covid-19, if so how?
  • What can I bring to the hospital?
  • Who is allowed to come to the hospital with me?
  • Will my visitor/s be allowed to come and go as they please?
  • Will the cafeteria be open to visitors?
  • What procedures does the hospital have to keep my little one and I protected?

One Last Tip…

This list is not at all exhaustive. It is just to get you started. Ask whatever questions come to mind  because it will help to give you more peace about the situation.

Remember that living through a pandemic is something new for everybody.  Go easy on yourself and be patient with your healthcare providers. Try to work as a team and focus on the health and safety of  you and your little one.

I hope this post helps to ease some of your concerns by letting you know that #1, you are not alone in your thoughts and emotions and #2, that it is perfectly fine to ask your healthcare providers as many questions as you have.

And…even though I’m not currently preggos,… I know a few people who are with child and I know some wonderful women that have safely delivered their little ones during the pandemic. It can be done safely and has been done.

Until the next blog post…I’m sending positive energy and virtual hugs to you all. Know that you are doing great!

Dr. U
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