What have you done for yourself today...Mentally? or Physically?

Ideas and tips to help you begin your self-loving journey

Mental Self-Care

Mental health encompasses: Emotional, Psychological And Social Health. That means how you are feeling, what you are going to do next and how you relate to those around you including your loved ones. A lot of people prioritize physical health, which might translate into how you look in your favorite pair of jeans. I get it… It’s Easier To Fix What You See.


There are also signs to look for when evaluating your mental health. No, it won’t be as simple as trying on clothes in your closest and realizing that you Just..Can’t..Pull..These..Pants..Up. NOPE! You really have to do some self-reflection to come to any kind of conclusion. Paying attention to how you are feeling, the things you are thinking/saying and how you are acting are key! Also, your sleep pattern can be a tell-tale sign that something is off. As a MUM, I dare not assume that a good night’s rest is a usual event in any MUM’s life, especially if you have a newborn in the house, but..I will say that sleep is very important for your mental well-being and you need it desperately.

Look to those around you for help in identifying changes in your mental health as well. Sometimes, the people close to you may notice that something is different about you. Maybe you don’t talk to them as much as you used to. Maybe you don’t participate in outings anymore or when you are around them, they say things like you don’t seem like yourself lately. Or Geesh, somebody’s attitude has taken a turn for the worst!(ok, if you get this, run away from this person, fast! And don’t look back because, they will NEVER GET IT!!!!


if your friend says, Oh Sweetie, is everything ok with you, you are just not, you know, yourself? And if you ask them why and they tell you that you are wearing your shirt inside out or that you are still rocking yourself, after you put the child down for a nap 5 minutes ago!!!…Keep this friend. In fact, spill your guts to them. THEY CARE!!!

Anywho, I digress

As I was saying, Mental Health is a Huge part of Self-Care and you need to make sure that you are taking good care of your mind as well as you are doing your body, if not better. So, whatever the case, and however you come to the realization that your mental health is out of whack, start doing something to get back to that good place. Below is a diagram showing some possible questions to ask yourself that may trigger you to see that something about you has changed, and Not In A Good Way. Also, follow this link to some resources that may help you in identifying and managing your challenges as well.

Physical Self-Care

Most people are probably thinking about physical self-care and automatically saying to themselves…yeah, yeah, I know, I should exercise more, and watch what I eat. I know my mind went there. But…this is only part of it. While physical self-care does include making sure you live a more active life, it also means making sure that you get your regular check-ups with your primary care doctor. That is paying attention to your body and being really in tune with it so that the minute something is off you notice it. Whether it is regular self-checks for lumps in your breast, to monitoring changes in your menstrual cycle or even frequent changes in your mood; these could all be signs of something more serious going on like cancer, thyroid problems or some type of hormone related chronic disease. Now with that being said, physical self-care could also mean getting your eyebrows arched, an appointment with the chiropractor to make sure every thing is aligned, or a trip to the spa a for a much needed massage to relax your muscles and get your blood flowing just right. Let’s broaden our definition of physical self-care so that we cover everything. Below are a few tips of things you can add to your Physical care regimen

  1. Start with that trip to your doctor to get a general physical. They’ll check everything: eyes, ears, nose, throat, skin, heart, lungs, stomach, knees, all that. Your reflexes and motor skills may also be tested. They’ll also check your vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and so on. A thorough check will also include some blood work. These results will give your doctor a glimpse into how well your internal organs like your liver, kidneys, immune system, and so on are functioning. If you wish, they can also use the blood test to check for sexually transmitted diseases. Hey, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In addition, tests for common illnesses such as diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol levels may be requested and you will be given directions on how best to prepare beforehand. You will probably not be allowed to eat or drink certain things hours before so just be forewarned! But it’s totally worth it to know that everything is A-OKAY!
  1. Get your body moving! You can walk, jog, run, bicycle, or do yoga. If you are like me, you can dance, and DANCE A LOT to your favorite tunes. Just find a way to move your limbs, and Get Your Heart Rate Up! That’s all that matters. Pick something/s that you enjoy and that you can do long-term and do it/them. 

3.  You probably guessed it, yep, Your Diet. Let’s be clear here, I didn’t say go on a diet, I mean, watching what you eat on a daily basis. As in eat less junk food and more real food. Also, watching the how much you eat (portion size) and when you eat (as in eat when you are hungry). Simple Right?..Right. I know you can do it! Emotional, Mental, and Physical Health are all connected and all are important to living a holistic life. Don’t delay your happiness another day. START TODAY! After All, There’s No Time Like The Present.

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