Check-in Time: Are You Feeling Supported?

Check-in Time: Are You Feeling Supported?

It’s time to check-in on your support system so as to make changes where changes are needed. This blog post is about having a support system and steps to make sure that your support system works for you the way you need it to. If you don’t have a support system, you can look at it as encouragement to continue looking for and building a support system that will help to meet all your needs. No MUM should feel alone and unsupported.

What We Do for Others

As mums and caregivers, we are the ones providing support to our loved ones. It is something that is expected of us and quite frankly exudes from us naturally. We want to see everyone succeed at whatever they do, so we speak out encouraging words, we show up at events, we make the necessary phone calls, we participate actively, and we do whatever is needed of us.

Answer This…

Are you getting the same support in return? Does is it head your way naturally?  Do you have to ask, beg, and cry out before support comes your way? Do you have someone or a group of people that you can always count on? Do you feel like you are part of a community?

Why Support is Important

There’s a feeling that comes from being supported. It’s a spirit of invincibility. With support, you can feel like you are on top of the world, and everything is possible. Everything becomes a challenge that you can overcome simply because:

  • You have people telling you that yes, you can do this too.
  • You have people cheering you on during those times when you want to quit.
  • You have people that have your best interest at heart and are actually focused on you.
  • You have people that all they want to do is see you win.
  • You have people speaking positivity over you and sending positive vibes your way.

Why Feeling Unsupported May Sometimes Happen

Support is often unstated, and this lack of expression may leave you feeling unsupported. People assume that you know that you are supported so they do not have to say anything. They may even think they are giving and showing you support in their mind, but your interpretation of their acts is not in line with their thoughts and can result in fights and feeling alone and unsupported.

Communication is Key

Sometimes, loneliness is a result of a misunderstanding and feeling unsupported is a misinterpretation of a need being met that is not.

Sometimes people mean well but don’t know how to express it. It is really up to us, as mothers, to open up the communication and to have honest conversations about our true feelings and perceptions of what others are really doing for us and the role they play in our lives. 

So, proper communication is imperative to let people know that yes, I want to be supported. But don’t just leave it there, go a step further, tell them explicitly how you want to be supported. Let them know in what way you need to be supported in order to feel their support.

The benefit of effectively communicating your needs will hopefully include…getting all the support you need in the manner that you are ready to receive, and a reduced to no confusion/frustrations tied to it.

Show Appreciation for Your Support System

It is also important to let people know that you appreciate their support and tell them how. Everyone loves and appreciate being told that they are awesome humans. So be the one to give that positive reinforcement to those that are a part of your support system.

Until next time, take care of yourself and do whatever is necessary to get the support you need because support is important, and we all need it.

If you are not getting the support that you need? —Please don’t stop looking for it.  Reach out to someone, a friend, family member, a support group (in real life or online as part of a social media platform like the U IN MUM Community).

We are all in this thing called life and motherhood together!

Dr. U
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