Saluting Pregnant Women and New Mums Bringing Life Into a Covid-19 World

Saluting Pregnant Women and New Mums Bringing Life Into a Covid-19 World

Bringing a baby into the world is a life changing experience. It is a time where many changes are expected by the Mum-to-Be/Mum and all those around her. Not only will her body be changing both internally and outwardly, but also her emotions literally undergo a rollercoaster ride. With so many things to think about, so many affairs to get in order, the Mummy brain runs on overdrive and is absolutely phenomenal.

Adding to all these changes are the numerous visits to the doctor. In the early months of pregnancy, the visits are monthly. In the third trimester, they become biweekly, and as you get closer to the due date, it becomes weekly. For high-risk cases, the visits are way more frequent, often times requiring several visits to the doctor’s office in one week, with the occasional ER visits all to make sure that Mummy and baby/babies continue doing well.

It IS A Lot!

Keeping track of all the doctor’s appointments. After the baby is born, it continues, except it becomes two different appointments for mummy and for baby. The frequency varies. Staying on top of all of it, all while monitoring the afterbirth recovery for mummy and making sure that the new baby is adjusting well to their new environment it’s a huge task for mummy and the entire household.

Sleep schedules change. Eating patterns change.

It can be a real brain overload even if you’ve had children before not to mention if it’s your first time.

Now, couple all this and more with a world that is in the middle of a pandemic. Where everyone is being advised or in more cautious places being required to wear a mask in public.

Where you know that there are people walking around that are asymptomatic, spreading the virus (Covid-19) to others unbeknownst to them.

Then, they are those that are symptomatic that fail to associate it with the Covid-19. Not because they are evil people out to cause harm to the world. No, because, let’s face, the symptoms of Covid-19 are similar to the common cold, the flu and allergies. With testing not available to everyone that wants to get tested, and with healthcare facilities turning people away if they are not suffering from a medical emergency, these people have no way to confirm their status. Worst yet, there are reports of people getting false negative results after being tested. Scary!!!!

So, knowing all this, and trying to live your life as “normal” as possible. Doing everything you are advised to do. Knowing that these people may also be going to same healthcare facilities that you have to frequent. Knowing that they may also be at the same grocery stores that you have to shop at. Knowing that they could be your next-door neighbor or even someone in your own household that was exposed.

It is so much to consider and can really put one in a state of paranoia, making you just want to lock yourself in a room and wait for it all to pass.

But, you can’t just lock yourself in a room. You need the wellness checks to make sure that everything is ok.

You need to go to the store to get supplies and food to eat.

You need to walk outside and stay active for your circulation to be at its peak

You need to interact with others in some way to maintain your sanity

You need to LIVE!

Finding a balance between living and being cautious is a Must.

We know that it is not easy. That’s why I just wanted to take a moment to let all the pregnant women and New Mums know that we are all cheering you on. You all are doing well and You Rock! Don’t let anybody tell you anything different, not even yourself.

You all are in uncharted territory, experiencing the journey like no one else before you and you are handling it well.

You are Enduring.

Continue On.

We are applauding you from a safe social distance and wishing you all the best!

We See You!

Dr. U
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