Our Mission:  U IN MUM is here to promote a holistic living for mums. Here, there is no limit to the definition of mothers;  everyone in every sense of the word is included, whether biological, step, adopted, circumstantial guardianship, sibling to sibling, you name it. 

Our Goal:  U IN MUM is here to provide mums everywhere with helpful resources and support to help with the many roles that mums play. U IN MUM wants to help ensure that mums do not forget about the “U” in mum while emphasizing the importance of self-care. 

Our Promise: U IN MUM wants to help mums wholeheartedly embrace the idea of speaking, living and writing their truths while wearing many different hats. Let’s all grow and learn together!


Hola! I am Utibe. My friends call me U.T. and my favorite people in the world call me wife 😘 and mum😍. I started this website and blog for a few reasons listed below:

  1. I wanted to share my story and journey as a wife and mum with you in hopes that my struggles and joys will encourage, empower, and at times even entertain you.
  2. I have a PhD in the Life Sciences and have been a professional student for most of my life. I’m now in transition, trying to begin my career as a working mum. I wanted to share my growth and get feedback along the way while figuring out that sweet balance between life and work.
  3. I wanted to provide any information and resources that I come across with all the other mums out there trying to live a more holistic life. I wanted to remind you all and myself that self-care is just as important as providing care for others. That is one of the reasons why the “u” in mum is emphasized. It is just an added bonus that my name begins with a U😜.

Join me,

Let’s grow, laugh, learn and most importantly, live life to the fullest together.