The Joys of Motherhood: Activating Mum-Mode In A Boo Boo Situation

The Joys of Motherhood: Activating Mum-Mode In A Boo Boo Situation

Today, I’m talking about the joys of motherhood, the unspoken truths that are a part of it also.

I’m talking about the moments when you need to just Mum-Up despite the individual in you desiring to run away and hide.

But do U run?

Can U run?


Instead…U stay and face it!

You activate the mum mode or my new favorite saying, you “Mum-Up!”

When I was pregnant, people would tell me how exciting it was to be bringing a child into the world. People would randomly give me unsolicited advice or commentary about how I had so much to look forward to, the phrases that popped up the most were:

“… little ones are such a blessing…”

“…they keep you on your toes but it’s all worth it…”

Even now with two under four, before the pandemic hit and we interacted with others, people would say…how adorable…anytime they saw us out and about.

Don’t get me wrong. I find myself repeating these phrases also, to myself and even to others.

I believe the statements are all true statements and ones I agree with.

However, occasionally, I would get comments further away from this end of the spectrum…comments closer to the… “Be afraid, be very afraid” end of the spectrum or the… “Run away, and run fast,” end of spectrum.

Those that know what I’m about to reveal to you today would say… “Bless your heart,” followed by a laugh and headshake. Or they would say… “I remember those days,” and leave it at that.

My reaction, I would smile or just awkwardly laugh but not really understanding that last statement.


It always left me wondering in my head…what about those days? What exactly do you remember? Is there something you want me to know? OMG, what happened? Why.Are.You.Shaking.Your.Head?

Again, every time it happened, I would always just laugh in response but never really followed up with any questions? I literally just left it at that.

Guess, I always figured that in due time, I would figure out what they were not sharing with me.

And now, the time has come…

…This past week…

This past week really opened my eyes to see and my brain to begin to understand the “bless your heart” phrase.

This past week has helped me to realize quickly that “bless your heart” is such a loaded, I mean well-packaged, and jam-packed phrase.

Because “bless your heart,” and take real good care of it so that it can handle all the things that you will see, be exposed to and be tested on…

Really…Only God Knows!

Let me put it another way, if I had to choose one word to describe the old me, the me that only dreamed about motherhood but really had no clue what it was about,  I would choose ADVENTUROUS, because motherhood is full of excitement.

This past week, I questioned so many times my preparedness for this adventure.

I had so many boo boo situations that I began to seriously think to myself, never in a million years could I have imagined things being like this.

Me, someone that only uses 2 fingers to eat finger food because I want my hands to stay as clean as possible.

Me, someone who was wiping everything down and rinsing everything way before covid-19 hit…

And now as a mother having to deal with diaper explosions, cleaning up boo boo on clothes, carseats, furniture, floors, rugs, tubs, and the list goes on…

Never In a Million Years could I have imagined that this would be life, my life!


Motherhood is something that I always dreamed about and wanted. But, when I was dreaming and wishing upon a star, tapping my heels together, and crossing my fingers hoping to live to see the day, I forgot to mention a few exclusions…

And now you can see why dealing with boo boo situations, especially at this level could not have possibly been at the top of my to do list in motherhood.

Don’t get me wrong…Yes, I understand and expected to change diapers. But diaper explosions…I. WAS.NOT.READY.FOR. IT!

It completely caught me off guard.

When my children were newborns, I often questioned, how can a tiny human produce so much boo boo, and in such a short turnaround time? Are they really eating that much?

And now in their early toddler stages…the questions continued, I want to know, how can a tiny human walk and boo boo at the same time?

How is that even possible?


In fact, it happened this past week and it left a lasting memory.

The youngest child boo booed while walking and it happened so fast, that the 2nd tiny human stepped in it, right after a bath, in the short walk from the bathroom to their bedroom, as they were both walking, one behind the other.

It happened in my presence, under my supervision, and so fast that I literally did not see it and of course could not do anything to stop any of it.

When the one that step in it told me about what happened, the first thing I did was say a quick prayer before proceeding…

My prayer: Jesus, Take The Wheeeeel!! Amen.

[Spoken with my head up, arms up and apart with fingers spread and hands shaking up to the sky as if to ask why?

Meanwhile, the oldest toddler was laughing hysterically because I guess the look on my face said it all.

Yep, It Was A Scene!

Fast-forward to now, and this blog post that clearly shows that I survived that wonderful day/night and lived to see another day, ready for another adventure.

So…my advice to all new mums and up and coming mothers is this…

  1. Prepare for the unexpected.
  2. Stay ready, and expect to see the unimaginable more times than you could ever imagine!
  3. Through it all, just continue to do what you can.
  4. Make sure that you have a good support team and some mum friends that understand the struggle.

At the end of it all, you will still be the best, and I mean the absolute best mother for your child(ren).  

If you need a jump-start on the support team, click here to join The U IN MUM Community on Facebook. Also, sign-up for our newsletter here to stay updated.

Until next time…continue to Mum-Up and brace yourself for the adventure!

New Mummy Terminology/Definition coined by Dr. U


Mum-Up (Mom-Up): to  stay and work through situations, moments or events from which you would rather escape.

I didn’t want to deal with the boo boo situation but I decided to mum-up. My children went to bed happy, clean, and in a clean environment.”

Dr. U
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3 years ago

Not only is this inspiring but it has to be one of the most hilarious and much needed uplifts I’ve had in 2020…thanks for sharing


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