Reflections of a Mother

Reflections of a Mother

With UINMUM.COM and the blog still in its infancy, barely a year old and after just celebrating the first birthday of my spring baby, in addition to Mother’s day, it felt like a good time to do a little reflecting.

When I first started this website and blog, I was pregnant, my spring baby was loading. I wasn’t sure how the website and blog would be received but I knew it was a project I wanted to take on. I had and still have so many ideas and experiences to share and hope to continue doing so with you all, my dears.

This past Mother’s day(2020), I was reminded in so many ways of the joys of motherhood and how fast time flies. Looking at my spring baby and remembering her birth, the first time I held her, the first time our eyes met, I was reminded to cherish each moment because once they are gone, THEY ARE GONE!

In just one year, my spring baby has gone from not knowing how to hold her head up, sleeping all the time because that’s what babies do, to saying words, practicing walking, and knowing to give hugs and kisses. Not only has her growth brought me joy and fond memories, it has also given me the opportunity to see physically, the difference a year can make.

Starting UINMUM.COM was the birth of another baby for me. It started in my heart and mind and then it was realize right before my eyes, accessible from anywhere with Internet connection and a device that connected to it. It was a whole new world for me, figuring out all the components that brought a website together, the behind the scenes of what you see when you type or click on a URL, to what appeared on the page. All of it was a learning experience, A Great One I might add.

I can now talk about things I once had no clue about, from website hosting, to website platforms (or content management systems) to page builders and plug-ins, to so much more. A whole new world, an entire awakening for me, and an experience I wouldn’t trade. To see the fruits of my labor and how it has evolved though still in its infancy stages brings me so much joy and happiness and a sense of accomplishment.

At the same time, I’m reminded of how everything has changed. I’m reminded of the times we are living in. A coronavirus-ridden world, a world where we all have to figure out, fight and adjust to a pandemic. A world that is not the same at all compared to this time last year when the sun was out, the weather was warm, people were outside, without any face covering on. We had and looked forward to visits from family and friends. We joined and shared with each other in celebrations. We didn’t have the scare of a potentially deadly disease (covid-19), so we gathered, we laughed, we ate, we touched, and we embraced, in a single space, whether outdoors or indoors, it didn’t matter. The choice was ours to make, we were free-spirits, and so we sometimes did both.

Now those times seem far-gone. Life is uncertain in so many ways. I’m left wondering about a lot of things but in this moment, I’m concerned about the simple things. When will it be okay to embrace our extended family and friends again? When can we share a face-to-face laugh again? What will we do about the holidays? Will we still go home or will they be celebrated over a screen?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for technology. I’m grateful that the distance is somehow minimized by the sheer fact that I can not only hear the voices of my loved ones but I can see their smiles, their gestures, their faces on my computer, tablet or cell phone screen. I love that we can stay connected in this way. In fact, it is has greatly contributed to my sanity in these trying times.

However… I’m missing the physical interactions, I’m craving the comfort that comes with touch.

But… though I miss my family and friends and the freedom to roam, I choose to focus on other things, the things that make me happy, the good things.

I’m grateful for this opportunity to reflect, and to celebrate important milestones together even if it is done virtually. I’m grateful for the reminder to cherish every moment and really relish it. I’m learning to embrace the change and remain open and flexible to whatever the future holds and brings, taking nothing for granted, especially other human beings.

All in all, I can say that the past year(+) has been full of growth and surprises. I’ve witnessed both ups and down but overall, I have more to be grateful for than experiences that made me sad. I can truly say that in this moment, my cup runneth over and I am in awe of the goodness of God in my life. My testimony is growing and so is my life’s story. If I had to choose one word to describe this moment in my life, it would be MIND-BLOWING!

With that, I hope to continue living and writing my story one day at a time and I hope you continue to join me on this journey. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with me below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. U
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QueenEsther Ekanem
QueenEsther Ekanem
4 years ago

Wow! I can not beleive its been a year I subscribed. Time really flies, but like you said, we have a lot more good and bad to be thankful for. Thank you for sharing and a very easy read.


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