Going With The Flow: 5 Tips

Going With The Flow: 5 Tips

Go With the Flow, this was recently posted on the U IN MUM social media page with the following in the description:

Go with the flow ….
Of the day
Of your family
Of life in general
You’ll never be able to control everything
Everything can’t be controlled
Nor are they in your control

When U are a Mum and a detail-oriented person, U get so used to planning out everything, so that U do not forget anything for anyone. U put reminders in planners, and calendars,

 U write yourself sticky notes and stick it everywhere so that U not only remember but everybody else in your household also keeps up with it.

When things change without notice, it can result in a lot of stress and unnecessary anxiety. It can not only throw off your schedule but the schedule of the entire household.

What are some tips to use to help U to be more flexible and flow easier the next time life decides to pull a switcheroo on U and make U feel a little blind-sided?  

Let’s get into it, below are 5 tips that will hopefully help U ease into “The Flow” easier.

Tip 1: Breathe. When you get the call, text message, or email, before you do anything or give any response, take a moment and take a deep breath.  The breath will act as a pause and give you a little time to get your thoughts together before jumping into reaction mode/ problem-solving mode.

Tip 2: Feel and Release All Your Frustration. I know that U may not have been expecting this tip but not expecting any type of negative emotion to arise in the midst of an unexpected shift would not be being realistic. So feel what U feel and if it’s frustration or any other negative energy, release the frustration, and all other negative energy that the unexpected shift in the schedule may have brought with it.

Tip 3: Let Go of Previous Schedule. Let go of the way U planned for things to be. Acknowledge that things have changed and embrace the change so that you can free your thoughts to plan from a place of “What Is” instead of a place of “What Once Was or What You Wanted” which is no longer the reality.

Tip 4: Focus on the Positive. Yes, The Positive. U may not want to spend any time thinking about what is positive about a situation that U think is currently bringing stress, but this is highly recommended. Finding something in the situation that U consider positive will help U to shape your overall perspective and can result in an easier adjustment period.


Tip 5: Remember That Things Always Work Out. This last tip when U are a detail-oriented person, and so used to planning out everything, can be a somewhat challenging thing to do, but it is important. U  can draw from past experiences and remember that they all worked out and this time will be no different.  The truth is, going with the flow does not mean losing control, rather, it is an acknowledgement that everything is not in your control and exercising that when life clearly prompts U to do so is key.

To wrap up the blog post, acknowledging that going with the flow, especially for Mums is not always easy to do.  It may feel like losing control of things that you once had control over and that could be a very frustrating feeling. Also, this perspective is not the best one as everything is definitely not always in our control.  Remembering the tips in this blog should definitely help to ease some of the stress and serve as a starting place to handle all future shifts.

As always, leave a comment sharing how you deal with schedule changes and also, share some tips and tools that U use to help U ease the tension that comes with going with the flow of life.




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